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Knowall Media – Web Marketing Our Sister company Knowall Media has been doing tremendously well with the boom in SEO and related products. Over the coming weeks we plan to keep you updated using our blog to inform you on how we’re doing and why you should be taking serious consideration into web marketing.

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SWYX Telephone & Onsite Support

Knowall are Experts at Supporting SWYX SWYX SUPPORT Knowall IT are SWYX experts, we have been implementing and supporting SWYX since 2003. Swyx Support Contracts are very similar to a Full or AD-HOC or Pay as You GO IT Support contracts. If you take out a SWYX support contract you will receive all the major benefits of our IT Support contracts. Further details see SWYX Support.

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Iphone integration with Swyx

Your Iphone can be used as a contact centre, and allow you to get all of your contacts that are in the global address book in the office, while you are on the road. This runs through safari on the Iphone. User status signalling is performed inter server, even if the web access server is not installed on the same Server or domain as the Swyx server. Here is some setup required for this to work. You will need a windows server with IIS v5.1 or later, and ASP.NET version … Continue reading

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Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies to protect data from deletion

Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies protect against accidential deletion of files Microsoft Shadow Copies is a function on Windows 2003 & 2008 Servers, which gives users quick access to deleted, corrupt or previous versions of files. It can also give administrators a quick and easy method to roll back to previous versions of simple flat file ‘database’ applications. Be aware Shadow Copy will not protect complex database applications such as SQL, Exchange and the like.

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Robocopy for data moves and backups

Robocopy example scripts and batch files Using Robocopy for Moving Data and Creating Data Backups.

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SSL Certificate for iPhones, Blackberry & Outlook Anywhere

Enable an SSL Certificate on your Exchange 2003, 2007 or 2010 Server will remove certificate prompts and allow your mobile users and devices to connect securely to your exchange server.

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1 in 5 data security violations are made by an insider

You should use Websence Data Security Suite to track all data movements on your network.

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