Hi Mike

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help and support we’ve had lately getting up and running with the new hosting service.
We’ve always received high quality assistance and patience which is very much appreciated. Although we’re very technical in terms of being software engineers we’re really not up with cloud technology. Your guys have been absolutely brilliant.


Sam Sherwin / Sherwin Business Systems |

It looks as if you have managed the impossible and supervised a fairly painless migration.  There’s only one way to achieve that, and that is good planning and hard work.


Simon Dipper | 14th March

I’m delighted with your Sage solution- it’s one of the best tech related business decisions we’ve made. Sage is faster, more reliable and easier to use than it was when we hosted it locally, plus I don’t need to worry about backups any longer. Data corruption is a thing of the past, and your tech team has been fantastic in granting access to our web developers to allow their programs to link in. I’d recommend your solution and company to anyone using Sage over multiple locations- it’s a far better solution than Sage Drive.

Ben Biscoe / Director, Fairyglass Ltd | 8th March

I have to say the service and the quality of provision/support you provide is exactly what I am looking for in a partner. My expectations are fully met. Keep up the good work!

Ian Cowan | Patrick Parsons | 31st Jan

KnowAll IT were recommended to us by our ACT! and Sage consultant as he had other clients who used them. We moved from what was a quite reasonably spec’d AWS (Amazon Web Services) server and immediately noticed two things: (i) how easy/ low hassle it was to set up and then log in to programs, and (ii) how much quicker everything was. Our previous server wasn’t slow but whatever set-up KnowAll have it’s made an immediate and noticeable difference – things are now rapid. Also very welcome is the level of support and customer service they have provided – this has made the whole transition process extremely easy and we feel very confident, being a small business with limited IT resource in house, that we are in good hands moving forwards.

Tim Edwards | Sure Track | 27th Jan

Good morning Simon
I hope that this email finds you in great form.
I thought that I should drop you a line to let you know how happy I have been with the service provided by Knowall. This is really since you first started supporting Blue Chip many years ago, but the courtesy, efficiency, and good humour that your team – in particular Matt D and Sam – has handled us with recently is an example to all who are in a service business.
Long may it continue.
Have a great day

Alastair |

Dear Michael

You have made for very happy Brabazons – can’t thank you enough for more-than-excellent service, speed and feed back and very much hope we have not gone onto ‘client from hell’ list.   You have been a star and we are so grateful.

Harriet | Cresta Run

I was really impressed with Bernie and Simon yesterday – so helpful and professional. Just what we’ve been looking for.

Rosie | Dints International

I just wanted to let you know that Bernard helped me solve a problem this morning and he did a marvellous job.  He got my  device working and I am well chuffed.


Tina | CUF Properties

Knowall are helpful even at the weekend! Their solutions especially Cerberus, keep on working.

Chester Zoo |

…may I just take this opportunity to say that it has been a pleasure to have worked with you. (I am at this point very aware that it was of course you guys doing the ‘work’ part!) You have all been more than delightful and approachable under some rather stressful situations and put up with my panics, for this I am very grateful.
You are all super stars and I genuinely feel MBDS is a vastly more functional company since having Knowall onboard.
I will give you a call as soon as I get a new job as I won’t believe any other IT company could possibly support one in the same way!!

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio |

We found Knowall to have the right balance of telephone support and on site IT Engineers to fix any problems that we have had this year, their technicians are first rate but importantly their remote support has saved us literally thousands of pounds and time, by avoiding site visits, I would be happy to personally recommend them.

Marquee Hire |

We have been using Knowall for around three years now, initially just as network support and they have proven to be a reliable business partner that have help us a lot.
They are currently providing remote monitoring of network and back ups, off site replication of our UK and US offices data.
We have our primary sql server mirrored a replication server in the building, backed up to tape and replicated to an offsite server for other backup. Knowall took over the SQL side of things after we had a major systems failure when building work around the server room destroyed our primary server and the tape back ups.
We found that our “then” SQL support provider had neglected to complete offsite monitoring or adequate backups and we were faced with a tricky recovery path as elements of the database had been corrupted when the data base stopped as the server went down.
Knowall were very proactive in helping to arrange forensic data recovery from the hard drives and damage tapes, put in significant effort to get us up and running ASAP and worked with our applications providers to get things back to normal. They were very professional in the way they helped deal with the damaged data base and helping us get through the recovery period. Subsequently, they have taken over all responsibility for our SQL backups and have advised us on strengthening our backup//dr procedures and helped advise us in the development of our infra structure to get us to the current position. We have quarterly rehearsed DR’s on key files and data bases and I receive daily e mail notifications that back ups have completed.
Also if elements of the backup procedure do have issues (for example two days ago electrical work in the road outside side our building shut the power off for a few minutes late at night during our tape backup cycle) our primary site engineer contacted me before 9am to advise me to check the tape loader and establish if a sight visit was necessary, that replications to other serves had been completed and that despite interruption we had two full viable replications of our system available to us at that time.
As a business partner I’m very happy with their performance and out of all of our IT support agencies for different elements of our business, they are probably the one I am most comfortable working with.

CBS Products |

I have worked with Knowall for 8 years now. I continue to use them due to their ability to understand our business needs to supply excellent solutions to support our business processes. Combined with an always available, no call queuing help desk, to support our systems. In addition to providing our onsite engineers with a 2nd line support for our Swyx VOIP and Microsoft systems.

The English National Opera |

Having had Knowall manage our IT for several years there was no surprise when they exceeded our expectations with our recent office move, working into the night and on weekends to fit into our tight timescale was extremely great performance from Knowall. Knowall have always given 110% to the smooth running of our IT

The Security Watchdog |

Thanks for your help today, great service from everyone at Knowall as usual!

West Country Fruit Sales |

Knowall IT took over our IT system in July/August last year, when it was decided that we needed to move to the Cloud. It was complicated as many transitions go, we had three different companies sharing one server, but Knowall were very efficient and capable, ironed out the problems very quickly so that it would cause the least disruption to each business. All the Knowall IT staff are very polite, friendly and extremely helpful.


CUF Properties |

Many thanks for all your great work and I very much hope that you are happy with the result as I am.
When I have a little more time I would very much like to take you, Sam and Peter Day for a spot of lunch to show my appreciation.

Charlie – SGT |

I would like to say thank you to all of you for your work. We are making a very good progress, being on first page of Google for “south London builders” is fantastic.

Eva – South London Refurbishments |

I just wanted to say how easy and uncomplicated you and your colleagues have made our move over to your system over the past week or so. Redford has made life very easy and has indulged us all with our fairly petty queries as things migrated over. The system appears to be working well and is so much easier and quicker to use.


David – Calabash Group |