LMS Capital


LMS Capital is an investment company that has its roots in London Merchant Securities’ experience of venture capital/private equity and has been investing for over twenty years. Over this period the business has been an early stage investor in a number of well-known companies and has also forged relationships with other venture capital and private equity groups. Today the business has an investment portfolio valued at over £200 million which is managed by its in-house investment team.

At the heart of LMS is a sophisticated hardware and software IT infrastructure. LMS rely heavily on 100% uptime from their IT systems for e-mail, Blackberry and data. The data that they hold is also highly sensitive. LMS Capitals’ IT manager Tom Brophy decided that they needed to further protect their data and communications systems in the event of total disaster and set out a specification to replicate all services and data off site. After reviewing several options, it was decided that Knowall IT could provide the most flexible and robust system for their needs.

The Solution

Knowall provided a complete Virtual Machine environment to replicate all data and applications so that users can still function with databases, Blackberries, e-mail and other data in the event of disaster. The list of replicated services includes:

  • Windows 2003 Active Directory
  • Multiple instances of SQL databases
  • Sage 500
  • Exchange Hub Transport and Client Access Servers
  • Exchange Mailbox Server
  • Blackberry Server
  • File Server with DFS
  • Windows 2003 Terminal Server
  • Windows 2003 SBS

One of the main advantages to LMS was that Knowall was able to fully customise the solution to their needs due to the flexible Hosting and Disaster Recovery options offered by Knowall. Knowall’s high level of expertise and helpdesk also offers LMS peace of mind knowing that in the event of disaster, D R will be invoked and users will have access to Knowall’s helpdesk if needed.