World Nuclear Association

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WNA arose on the foundations of the Uranium Institute, established in London in 1975 as a forum on the market for nuclear fuel. In 2001, spurred by the expanding prospects for nuclear power, the UI changed its name and mandated itself to build a wider membership and a greater diversity of activities. The goal was to develop a truly global organization geared to perform a full range of international roles to support the nuclear industry in fulfilling its enormous growth potential in the 21st Century.

Since WNA’s creation in 2001, the effort to build and diversify has born fruit. WNA membership has expanded three-fold to encompass virtually all world uranium mining, conversion, enrichment and fuel fabrication; all reactor vendors; major nuclear engineering, construction, and waste management companies; and nearly 90% of world nuclear generation. Other WNA members provide international services in nuclear transport, law, insurance, brokerage, industry analysis and finance.

WNA have a huge web presence with constant website traffic hitting the millions on a monthly basis. It’s extremely imperative to keep the sites live and fully functional. The challenge is not only maintaining systems that can handle the large number of website visits but maintaining a full disaster recovery system offsite in our data centre.

Using web servers in a virtual environment, we replicate between two data centres using DFS and SQL merge replication. In the case of one server going down, the DR procedure is quickly put in place and migrated over to the DR facility with very minimal downtime occurred.

Knowing that there is a fully functioning DR procedure in place to keep the uptime of the WNA sites to 99.99% even when website visits peak at 10 million.