What is Bonded ADSL?

Bonded ADSL combines multiple ADSL or SDSL circuits together to provide a single virtual connection. With the use of multiple Internet connections, usually of same type and speed, you can create a single virtual connection. With download speeds of up to 60MBs and upload speeds up to 8MBs, Bonded ADSL allows you to combine 8MB Max lines, 2+ and Annex M 2+.

Bonded ADSL delivers a single logical connection, meaning you get increased throughput and automatic failover between links. ADSL bonding offers increased speed, reliability, flexibility and resilience as well as a 99.9% SLA.

Knowall IT’s Bonded ADSL solution uses a variety of IP layer and virtual tunnelling protocols in our core bonded network creating multi path network links back to our carrier grade datacentre.

Bonded ADSL allows Knowall IT to offer a 99.9% SLA for connectivity, through utilising multiple vendors.

Is Bonded ADSL a true Leased Line alternative?

Yes, Bonded ADSL has proven to be both stable and fast to use. Many of our customers across the UK now enjoy faster speeds than they previously thought possible at far lower cost than a leased line.
Bonding ADSL allows Knowall IT to use multiple ADSL vendors, thus building
multi-vendor redundancy.
Bonded ADSL has similar characteristics to Leased Lines but without the associated costs of a Leased Line. Bonding multiple high capacity ADSL lines will provide download and upload speeds in excess of Leased lines at under 50% of the cost.

Is there a contract Length?

Bonded ADSL can be moved between sites, you are NOT tied to 1 or 3 year contracts, in fact Knowall will offer Bonded ADSL on a monthly rolling contract.

What DSL technology does bonded ADSL support?

Our ADSL bonding enables organisations to bond any DSL technology – 8MB Max, 2+ or Annex M. The service works even if you suffer from poor connectivity to your local exchange
Businesses have used ADSL bonding where they need faster uploads and downloads – for applications such as VOIP – bonded ADSL is ideal to upload large file sizes, at key sites where many users may be accessing IT systems or simply as a cost effective replacement for leased lines.

How many static IP’s can I have?

As standard 5 useable. If you require more then just ask! There is no additional charge but they will need to be justified to RIPE.

How does the bonding device work?

The bonding device will sit in front of your firewall and will be presented as a single RJ45. The bonding device breaks files down at packet level, they are then recombined by one of our carrier grade bonding devices in one of our Datacentres. We have multiple carrier grade bonding devices and they are set-up as high availability. In the unlikely event of a central bonder failing it will automatically failover.

Can I use VoiP and Video?

Yes! The Knowall IT business ADSL network has been designed to work with low latency connections such as VoIP and Video. Voice requires a latency of around 150ms, the Knowall IT network is sub 30ms. The connection can also be used with Thin Client.

What speeds can I expect to see from a bonded ADSL solution?

It depends on distance from the exchange. We have a wide portfolio of customers ranging from less than 100 meters from the exchange to being nearly 20km away! Speeds will vary dependant on product and distance from the local exchange. All we promise is that whatever speed you can achieve down a single ADSL or SDSL line we can double, triple or quadruple your bandwidth! Call us now on 0870 225 0370 to get an estimated speed check.

How can I be confident it is a genuine Leased Line alternative?

Very! Rest assured that this is a solution that hundreds of companies have benefited from. We provide the service to a number of SME’s, large corporates and a wide range of industries. We currently provide connections for the NHS, Police and a large proportion of the public sector. The connection will be stable, reliable and save you about 50% of you current leased line costs!

What are your response times on a fault?

Knowall IT offer 24×7 support, with no queries. We respond to critical issues immediately. Call our Support Desk on 0870 225 0370 or email support@knowall.net.
Is this a fully managed service?
We manage and support all hardware supplied and our team are happy to help with related issues – within reason.

Can we use our existing firewalls?

Yes, however small configuration changes will be required, which we can advise on. Typically we work with Zyxel, Sonicwall, Juniper Netscreens, Cisco and Stonegate firewalls.

Will our VPN still work?

Yes, the bonded ADSL and bonded SDSL solutions will support IPSec and SSL VPN’s. The connectivity will be presented as one transparent connection and in the unlikely event of a single line failure the VPN will remain connected.

What hardware do I need to purchase?

Nothing at all! Everything is included in the cost. We will provide a managed router for each ADSL or SDSL circuit, the bonding device will come with 4 Ports as standard should you need to upgrade and if you order a managed firewall we will pre-configure that exactly to your specification. Our technical support team are all Cisco certified and they answer the phone within 3 rings!

Where are your technical support team based?

Knowall IT is based in Kensington Olympia, London.

What is the difference between Bonding ADSL and Load Balanced ADSL?

With a truly bonded solution the bonding is done at ‘packet level’, what this means is that a 10Mbps file will be broken down and use the capacity of all available lines. For example if you were to send a 10Mb file over 3 Bonded ADSL Max Premium lines, the capacity is available to download the file at 24Mbps! With a Load Balanced algorithm the connection is session based. The business ADSL hardware will select an individual line for the file to travel down. You increase the ability to send more files, but truly bonding increases the speed at which a file can be sent.

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