Internet Leased Line

What is an internet leased line?

An internet leased line connects your business directly to the internet using a dedicated fibre connection. Because the line is not shared, you’ll be the only company using the connection which guarantees consistent speeds all day. (1:1 Contention Ration) The connection is symmetrical so you’ll get the same speed uploading as you would downloading.


Leased lines create a private connection between you and the network, making your data transfer more secure. This is the technology often used to connect banks and other financial institutions, so a very important consideration if you have mission critical data about your business or customers that you need to keep safe.

Features & Benefits

  • Split the connection into multiple secure VLANs to deliver several services over the same line, saving you infrastructure costs and facilitating ease of multi-service management.
  • Optimise quality of end-user experience with symmetrical upload and download speeds and uncontended connectivity
  • Maintain a professional corporate image with an extremely reliable, high-performance fibre-optic connection.
  • Maximise workforce productivity with the fastest connection times in the UK
  • Minimise disruption to your day-to-day operations with strict SLAs on service uptime (99.9%)
  • 24×7 technical support for ‘around the clock’ assistance.

What’s available?

Depending on location the below lines are available.

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