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Bonded Broadband routers are installed (one per line) and collaborate to pool their capacity. All traffic is related to an aggregation server which re-combines the traffic and sends to the Internet.

Bonded Broadband routers at the customer’s office are connected via Ethernet and divide traffic among the various lines. Devices on a customer’s LAN use a Bonded Broadband Virtual Router Address (VRA) as the default gateway and DNS. An available Bonded Broadband router will take ownership of the VRA and should it fail, one of the other routers will quickly take over. Thus, existing sessions will remain unaffected, except for a period of 5 seconds while the service is recalibrated. Bonded Broadband also includes a distributed DHCP server, which will automatically configure compatible host machines for network access. The DHCP server runs on the VRA router and replicates any changes to the other routers, which may be utilized to take over in the case of a VRA router failure.

The VRA router directs packets over lines to utilize total combined upstream capacity. All traffic is passed through Bonded Broadband aggregation servers where it is assigned a virtual IP address. This allows all traffic to appear to originate from a single consistent IP address and port number. Any incoming packets return to the same IP and port number, where the aggregation servers balance traffic across the available lines to use the full downstream capacity. By altering IP addressing to refer to Bonded Broadband servers rather than specific lines, the underlying networks can change without affecting the customer.

Bonded Broadband periodically monitors line performance and will automatically adjust the amount of traffic sent over each line. This ensures optimal performance without customer intervention – especially important where multiple service providers are used with different peak usage / contention profiles.

To avoid introducing a single point of failure in the event of server fault, Bonded Broadband Service is deployed over redundant aggregation servers. In addition, Bonded Broadband uses BGP protocol in combination with our proprietary failover mechanisms to provide site-level redundancy.

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