Data Loss Prevention

Websense® Data Security Suite, the leading data loss prevention (DLP) solution, accurately prevents data loss, secures business processes, and manages compliance and risk by identifying your confidential data, monitoring it’s use, discovering where it’s stored, and protecting it, on the network and at the endpoint. Data Security Suite is tightly integrated with Websense Web security and email security solutions, supporting enforcement that is built-in or supported via third-party integration.

Websense Data Security Suite is managed by Websense TRITON™ Console, which integrates reporting and management of Websense data loss prevention and Websense Web security solutions into a single unified console. The TRITON Console also provides reporting and management of individual Websense data security solution modules.

Websense Data Security Suite includes four, fully integrated data loss prevention modules:

  • Websense Data Monitor – Monitors network for data loss across web, email, FTP, instant messaging channels, including enhanced visibility with real-time destination awareness and user details
  • Websense Data Protect – (includes Websense Data Monitor) Monitors network channels and enforces automated, policy-based controls to block, quarantine, encrypt, audit and log, or notify users of violations
  • Websense Data Endpoint – Monitors and enforces automated, policy-based controls for data usage via applications and peripheral devices, on user desktops or laptops
  • Websense Data Discover – – Discovers and classifies confidential data stored in network data repositories

The Websense Data Security Suite provides:

  • A complete DLP suite to identify, monitor, and protect confidential data across the network, on user desktops and laptops and, through discovery, on mobile and network data repositories.
  • Unrivaled visibility and control with automated, real-time enforcement over Web 2.0 applications, where dynamic user-generated content is an increasing risk
  • With Websense Web Security integration: real-time destination awareness (where), user details (who) and blocking of Web 2.0 threats
  • DLP for Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to ensure sensitive data is only transferred to and from approved SaaS applications.
  • Accurate identification of confidential data with a comprehensive set of data loss prevention technologies that include policy templates for regulated data and fingerprinting of known confidential data.
  • Powerful policy framework providing visibility into who, what, where, and how confidential data is sent, used and stored on your network; control over this data through appropriate action.
  • Flexible architecture to reduce deployment costs, including integration with Websense Web Security

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