Dealer Partnership Scheme

If you’re looking for a strategic but visible partner to your business, and want to be able to refer potential clients directly to us so that Knowall provide the consultations, audits, proposals, demos and meetings, and eventually provides the solution directly to the client, then the Dealer route may be of interest.

As a Dealer, you would receive 10% re-occurring commission on the total amount of all the services, paid to you every year for every deal that Knowall signed up as a result of your referrals, for as long as the client uses the service. If the client chooses to take more services from us further down the line, you would also receive commission on the additional services. Knowall would provide all 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, and bill the client directly; once you’ve made the initial introduction, Knowall can handle the whole process.

The whole process:
  • You, the Dealer, make the introduction between Knowall and the client
  • Knowall can attend all meetings and perform the whole sales process if necessary
  • The client effectively becomes Knowall’s client, with Knowall billing the client directly and the client calling Knowall for all levels of support
  • Knowall pay you, the Dealer, 10% re-occurring commission on the total amount of all the services, annually, for as long as the client is a client of Knowall IT.
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