konftel 300wx DECT Conference Phone Keeps Coming Up With Line In Use

Posted on 7th July 2015 by

If you’re pairing your konftel 300wx DECT conference phone with a Gigaset N300 IP DECT base station in order to make the conference phone connect to a VoIP phone system such as Swyx 2015 you may be experiencing an issue where the conference phone keeps displaying “Line In Use”.

This issue is related to the DECT base station going idle. To fix this issue, follow the below instructions.

  1. Log onto the web interface for the Gigaset N300 IP
  2. Click the second tab along – “settings”
  3. Under “Management”, go to “Miscellaneous”
  4. In “ECO DECT”, un-click “Switch off DECT Radiation of base station…”