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Are Microsoft 365 Backups Really Necessary?
September 7th, 2022
Categories: Microsoft 365

Are Microsoft 365 Backups Necessary? Well, yes they are very necessary.

If you were to read the Microsoft Services Agreement, it would state the company strives to keep the services available. However, Microsoft disclaims liability for any data loss caused by service disruptions and recommends that its users perform regular backups of the data they store on Microsoft 365.

There is a massive misconception that Microsoft 365 is indestructible and immune to data loss. The resilience of the underlying infrastructure does not protect your data and assuming that your data is safe and protected within Microsoft 365 could result in the loss of data further down the line.

Using a Microsoft 365 Backup Solution such as the one Knowall provides will ensure that your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All our backups are stored on Knowall’s Private Cloud Infrastructure house within ISO Certified, Tier 3 Data Centre’s.

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