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Strengthening Cybersecurity: A Proactive Response
April 16th, 2024
Categories: Security

In today’s digital landscape, the threat of cyberattacks looms large, requiring businesses to stay vigilant and proactive in protecting their assets. At Knowall IT, we pride ourselves on our readiness to assist not only our clients but also those in need of cybersecurity support.

Recently, we received a request for assistance regarding a compromised Office 365 tenant. In response, we wanted to share insights into our approach and the steps we take to fortify cybersecurity.

Initial Response:

  • Forensic Scan: Upon receiving a request for help with a compromised Office 365 tenant, our first action was to conduct a thorough forensic scan of the environment. This scan helps identify any persistent footholds and potential indicators of compromise, utilizing standard tools offered by Microsoft.
  • Security Hardening: We review the Office 365 environment to implement Knowall’s standard security hardening measures. This includes setting up alerts for suspicious activities such as the creation of email forwarding rules (common in compromises), bulk spam sending from email accounts, disabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and more. These alerts enable our support team to swiftly respond to any potential threats.
  • Deployment of Huntress Managed Endpoint Protection: To enhance protection against evolving threats, we deploy Huntress managed endpoint protection and email compromise solutions. This ‘next-gen’ antivirus solution monitors for unusual patterns of behaviour within emails and across endpoints, promptly alerting our team to investigate and mitigate any detected threats.

Longer-Term Outlook:
Beyond immediate response measures, we recognise the importance of establishing robust cybersecurity policies for sustained protection. Drawing from our experience in working with clients to achieve ISO standards and Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we offer a comprehensive policy framework encompassing:

  • Data communications
  • Data storage
  • Device security
  • Mobile device security
  • Physical security
  • Leavers/joiner policies
  • Staff training and awareness

Our policy “Bible” serves as a guide to enhance security posture and promote compliance with industry standards.

Collaborative Approach:

While we can provide pricing for the initial response steps, implementing certain measures may require cooperation with existing providers. We acknowledge potential objections and are prepared to discuss the approach in collaboration with our clients and their providers to ensure seamless integration of security measures.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is not a one-time task but an ongoing commitment to adapt and fortify defenses against evolving threats. By partnering with Knowall IT, clients can benefit from proactive measures, comprehensive policies, and collaborative solutions to safeguard their digital assets.

For further info or detailed discussions, please feel free to reach out to us.

We remain dedicated to empowering businesses with resilient cybersecurity solutions tailored to their needs.

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