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Five interesting facts about Computers (PART 2)
April 25th, 2022
Categories: IT knowledge base

Over the years computers have shaped the world. And have advanced at rapid speeds.

Here are five facts about computers that you might not know (Part 2):

1# About 6000 New viruses are written each month.

Viruses are designed to target a wide selection of operating systems – So no one is 100% safe. Educating yourself on how to avoid viruses and malware is essential! Interested in Phishing training?

2# Disney Fired John Lasseter for Pushing Computer Animation

He’s now the CCO of Pixar.

3# A 15-year-old once hacked NASA

NASA was forced to command a shut down of operations for 21 days. Its cost NASA about 41,000 dollars to fix their systems. The 15 year old Jonathan James was put under house house arrest until he was 18 years old.

4# The word “Typewriter” is the longest word you can type using only one row of the keyboard.

A few other words are pretty, power, and tweety.

5# 80% of emails sent daily are spam mail.

Most of these emails are ads, newsletters, and other junk emails. Thinking of migrating to Microsoft 365?


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