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Cloud-based PBX Unified Communications
SwyxON UK the award winning cloud-based PBX business VoIP system that fully integrates with PC, Mobile & Tablets. Completely tailored to your business needs!
  • SwyxON UK - Cloud-based PBX (UK datacentres)
  • Unified Communication – Rich Presence, Video, SMS, Collaboration
  • Never miss a call by intelligent call routing
  • Contact & CRM integration
  • Mobile Multi-site organisations, – Global Offices, Home Workers
  • Custom Wallboards – call stats, staff performance, compliant
  • Ultra-competitive call costs
  • Web Interface for system administration
020 7471 3277
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SwyxON UK tailor made for you
No business is the same. Each has its own requirements. Let us show you how Swyx can work for you.
Sales professionals are targeted on the number of deals they close. Swyx makes it quick and simple to speak to your contacts and potential customers.
  • Increase productivity with onscreen click to dial
  • Integration with CRM means quick access to leads
  • Call routing means calls are never missed
  • Custom wallboards – review call stats, and staff performance
  • Integrates with mobile so staff are not tied to the office
  • Auto answer calls for selected call centre staff. (Read More)
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As a customer service professional, Swyx enables you to wow and delight your customers by juggling multiple requests, cases, and conversations.
  • Easily manage all calls from PC Screen
  • Effortlessly create virtual conference rooms
  • Integration with Outlook and CRM for easy customer access
  • Calls are never missed through managed call routing
  • Call intrusion supports the development of staff
  • All voicemail details are recorded, and sent to email
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Recruiters spend a lot of time on the phone, building strong relationships with their contacts. Swyx make this easy by adding voice to recruitment CRMs.
  • Recruiters can quickly dial numbers on screen
  • Reduces heavy phone bills through lower call charges
  • Staff can make and receive calls as if they are in the location
  • Integrates with Outlook contacts and CRM recruitment software such as Bullhorn
  • Custom wallboards - review call stats, patterns and staff performance
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Funeral directors need a centrally managed phone system that ensures calls are never left unattended.
  • Never miss a call by devising a specific call routing plan
  • Integration with Outlook contacts, and funeral management software such as Eulogica
  • Managed out of hours system, calls transferred to assigned individual
  • Synchronisation with mobiles – not tied to office
  • Enables seamless remote working
  • Voicemail access from all locations
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Why SwyxON UK?
Never miss a call again!
SwyxON UK is an award winning cloud-based PBX VoIP phone system. It can be set up as a traditional phone system with handsets on desks connected to a switch or it can be fully integrated with your IT network with a soft phone on each PC connected to USB headsets or handsets.

In our opinion SWYX is the most forward thinking phone system on the market.
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  • Cloud-based PBX (UK datacentres)
  • Cloud client for home or office users (no VPN Required)
  • Web Interface for system administration
  • Reduces costs of telephone lines and call charges.
  • Dial numbers directly from computer screen.
  • Integrates with other CRM databases.
  • Never miss a call by automatically routing calls to different numbers or departments.
  • Staff can make and receive calls from any location as if they are in the office.
  • Synchronisation with mobile phones
  • Incoming calls caller identified.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • Fax to email.
  • Low cost SIP connections – Less expensive than ISDN
  • Free calling from international venues to the office - mobile wifi
  • Auto answer calls for selected call centre staff (Read More)
  • Last phone system you’ll ever need to buy
  • Software based
  • Yearly software updates – will never expire
  • Easy to expand – Just add licences.
  • Windows based
  • Leader in the SME phone market.
  • Use with a soft phone or handsets
  • Integrates with ISDN or SIP trunks
  • Installed on to a standard Windows server – pick up and move wherever
  • Administer through AD and Admin Console on Windows server
  • SwyxON UK Integration with TEAMS & SKYPE
  • All calls encrypted
  • All calls over a VPN or VPLS in multi office environment
  • Option to failover to a 2nd server in another office or data centre
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