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Bring your staff attendance system into 2022 with Attendancebot & Teams
January 10th, 2022

The work environment has changed dramatically over the last few years. Covid has definitely accelerated the remote and hybrid work space. With that comes new systems to streamline mundane tasks.

AttendanceBot is a chat-first app to solve all your time tracking, absence management, vacation tracking, and employee shift planning problems. It’s a way of dealing with staff attendance in our new office environments. Attendancebot takes out a lot of unnecessary communication, as staff simply communicate with a bot directly in their Teams.

Need to request some leave? Simple just ask  Attendancebot “Leave from 20th till the 30th”. Not feeling well today? No need to contact your manager. Just tell the Attendancebot “Sick today” and Attendancebot will handled the rest.

Attendancebot is very configurable to your office needs. And all data is stored safely in the cloud for generating reports.


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