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Knowall’s approach to Facebook!
June 23rd, 2011
Categories: Facebook support

Social networking has become the most popular form of communication which has led to a modern version of Word of Mouth marketing.  More and more people are choosing products/services based on what their friends “like” rather than opting to go for a “random” company they have found in the yellow pages or in a traditional advert.

Knowall creates a Facebook page for all SEO clients and will maintain it for you as part of your SEO campaign.  The aim of the Facebook business page is to get as many “likes” as possible (starting with you the business owner/employees).  Once your page has 25 fans (likes) or more the URL for your business page will become user friendly (ie: no numbers).

Knowall aims to increase your facebook fan base which in turn gives you a database of clients who are interested in your product or service and have also inadvertently promoted your product/service just by liking your page.  This is beneficial when you have news, specials or promotions as you have a database of clients which you can promote directly to.  We achieve this by doing regular status updates in which we tag other businesses which are affiliated to your product/service. We will also tag other “interests” which have a high fan base in pictures of your products/services, this will then show up on all their fans wall & introduce them to your business and hopefully increase your fan base.

So to recap : Facebook is a valuable tool for your business! Embrace it & your business will benefit!

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