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The most overlooked marketing tool – Your email signature
January 27th, 2022

Your email signature is way more than just your contact details and a business logo. Many businesses tend to overlook the value of marketing on email signatures.

Companies spend thousands of pounds branding vehicles but not email signatures. If done correctly, it can end up being a low cost/passive way of marketing to new and existing clients.

When you email someone personally, they generally know who you are. So, your open rate is going to be very high compared to bulk emailing. You now have their attention and have a free placement in their email box to display any new offerings.

The best way to manage email signatures is via a third-party signature service. Reason this is so important is because these services allow images to be displayed instantly without the receiver needing to action anything. This is crucial to getting the users attention. Not only that but managing all staff’s signatures is a breeze and you can even apply rules to showcase different offerings based on different departments.

Don’t waste your email signature, use it to your advantage.

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