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Think your data is safe in Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud? Think again
March 5th, 2021

So your whole company uses Microsoft 365 – All your data is stored in the cloud, so it must mean its safe and secure right? After all it is Microsoft we talking about. Think again!

Many users assume that having their data stored in the 365 cloud relieves them of any need to backup or secure their data further. However, this is not true. The vendor (Microsoft) provides the security of the service they provide, safety of the data stored in those services is the responsibility of the customer.

For example forgetting to revoke access to an ex-employee, or a staff member accidentally deleting critical data are caused by carelessness on the part of the customer.

Microsoft offers limited retention policies for your data and no SLA’s around security of data! Have you ever found any clear documents highlighting their SLA cover regarding backups? And how they protect users data on Office 365 (SharePoint, Exchange & Onedrive)? No? Nor could we. It seems like no one can. There is a stream of replies in this discussion thread on the Microsoft Tech Community.

What this means is if you are using any cloud services you really need to look at a 3rd party backup solution to put your company data back in your control and peace of mind.

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