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Your business will more than likely be hacked if you don’t have two-factor authentication across your organisation
July 19th, 2022
Categories: Security

If your business is serious about security, we highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) across your whole organisation. This will help protect your business from unauthorised access and outside cyber-attacks reaching your network and sensitive data.

The classic username and password have allowed users to access their data easily and readily. However, over the years passwords have become easier for attackers to crack and gain access to sensitive data.

Password only authentication can make your data much more prone to a cyberattacks, as there as fewer layers to get though. Two-Factor Authentication is helping businesses harden their defences for all employees using passwords to access data.  

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication simply means adding a second form of proof you are the correct user. At Knowall we setup 2FA with the user’s mobile phone, when logging in they will be prompted to authenticate the login. This ensures the correct person is logging in with those credentials – In turn protecting your businesses data and run time.

Chat to us about enabling Two-Factor Authentication across your organisation.

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