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Access your data, from any device, anywhere, anytime.
Integrates with PCs, Mac’s, Tablets.
  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Fully Scalable
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Tailored to your Business
High quality, proactive, responsive & cost
effective IT solutions and support engineers.

Knowall IT is a niche Cloud and Unified Communications provider. Focused on the provision of tailored, secure and hi-performance hosted services to UK based organisations with a global reach.

We are 100% customer focused. We understand all organisations requirements vary and therefore build bespoke tailored environments for each of our clients.

Our enterprise private cloud platform is owned and managed by Knowall IT and hosted in secure, ISO 27001 certified, Tier 3 UK data centres. We are therefore able to guarantee every environment we build will be faster, more resilient and more secure than previous systems employed by our clients.

Every environment we build for our clients is ring fenced from other customers to ensure 100% security.

Our Hosted solutions are backed up by 24×7 UK support, so no matter where you are in the world, we are always available to help.

Our success is built on the development of long lasting client relationships, by providing; a client focused, hands on and personal approach, whilst striving to deliver technologies and solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

IT Support

Knowall IT provides you with an outsourced IT department. We aim to give high quality, proactive, responsive & cost effective IT solutions and support engineers.

Business Connectivity

Bonded Broadband bridges the gap between a typical DSL or cable connection and expensive leased lines.

Bonded Broadband provides an alternative to upgrading to expensive Leased Lines. Multiple lower lines are pooled (typically broadband), causing them to function as a single faster and more reliable Internet connection.

Remote Offsite Backup

Data stored on your servers is typically the most valuable business property within the organisation and requires protection, this is why Knowall IT will offer guarantees on your ability to restore data, plus provide an onsite engineer within 2 hours to assist with major system recoveries.

Hosting & Cloud

Knowall IT offers bespoke hosting packages, hardware, software, installation and maintenance all tailored to your unique requirements.

Holiday and Sick Cover

Knowall IT Support Engineers can be made available to you on a temporary basis that suits your business requirements. We are completely flexible and happy to fill this gap when you need immediate assistance.

Hosting applications in the Cloud provides customers with an alternative deployment solution to the in-house model. The applications will have exactly the same functionality as they would if you installed them in-house but with the added advantage of always on access from anywhere.

Data is secure and disaster-proof with data backups performed daily and stored in multiple data centres for added resilience.

Key Advantages include:

  • Easy Deployment – get up and running quickly with minimal set up and low up-front investment, no need to set up server or employ local IT staff.
  • High Performance – the solution runs only on high performance Enterprise server technology with a deep pool of resources to ensure fast access to the software.
  • Anytime Anywhere Access – flexible access on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone) from any location at anytime.
  • Eliminate Hardware Costs – no need to invest in servers and third party licensing.
  • Save on IT Resources – no need to invest in and manage local IT staff as everything is managed by us at the data centre.
  • Simple to scale – simple to grow solution without worrying about server capacity and software licensing.
  • Automatic Backups – all data securely backed up at the data centre daily and replicated to a second data centre for added resilience.
  • Enhanced Security – centralised secure data storage in ISO27001 certified data centre.
  • Always Available – built in redundancy to ensure the applications are available 100% of the time.
  • 24 x 7 Support – fully managed by UK based help desk, available 24 x7.

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