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Do you consider backups unnecessary in Office 365?
February 3rd, 2020
Categories: Cloud, Data Backups

Do you consider backups unnecessary in Office 365?

The misconception that cloud environments are indestructible and immune to data loss has long been a myth. The resilience of the underlying infrastructure does not protect your data and making the assumption that your data is safe and protected within Office 365 could result in the loss of data further down the line.

Potential data loss within Office 365 can be caused by many different factors; including Ransomware or End User actions.

Ransomware could easily find its way onto an end-users machine, and as a result of synchronization, all files and folders that end up encrypted on the local machine, will end up encrypted by the Ransomware in Office 365. This has the potential to cause catastrophic data loss across an organisation even though the underlying cloud infrastructure is still functioning as normal.

Another example of data loss can happen at the hands of an end user accidentally deleting a file or folder. Again, the infrastructure is functioning as normal, but due to an end-user mistake, data loss has occurred.

Are you relying on native tools within Office 365?

The File Restore feature within Office 365 is the only native tool made available to companies wanting to recover lost data, and it’s a feature that many rely on, however, the glaring limitation with this is that the maximum retention is only 30 days. If you are unaware of a file or folder that has been deleted, there is no way to recover it after 30 days.

You may be content with relying on the native tools within Office 365, however, this may only last until you’re let down or there is a catastrophic failure with Office 365.

It is always prudent to not rely on any one single provider, and by having a completely separate backup solution to Office 365, you can rest assured that your data is safe no matter what kind of data loss occurs within Office 365

Are you giving enough attention to your Data Security and Backups?

Data Security has become a hot topic and it is essential that you pay close attention to where your data is stored and how well protected it is.

Data Backups are essentially copies of your production data, and it is important that these are not misplaced and are stored securely within the country you operate.

Using an Office 365 Backup Solution such as the one Knowall provides will ensure that your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All our backups are stored on Knowall’s Private Cloud Infrastructure house within ISO Certified, Tier 3 Data Centres.

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