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How to get listed & rankings on Google Shopping results
July 4th, 2011

In order to get rankings on Google Shopping results you need to first get your products listed in “Google Base” (

Google Shopping Result

Here are the ways you can get your products uploaded to Google Base:

  1. One by one if you have a small database of products
  2. Using a feed to upload all your products (Recommended)

To get the very best results you need to include the following data:

  • Product Name (Title – Keyword must be included)
  • Price (Competitive pricing)
  • Description (The more detailed the better)
  • Link to Product Page
  • Link to Product Image
  • Condition

Most important factors for Google Shopping

Products Title
The products title has to include the products keywords

You price can also be a factor in getting higher rankings. Prices need to be competitive

Your description must be well throughout and rich in information, describing your product with keywords and phrases. Just remember NOT to keyword stuff!

Data Fields
When submitting product data to Google Base. You have many fields. Adding as much data possible can be the difference between good results and great results!

Fresh Feed
Google does not crawl your product data feed as it does with site pages. So having an frequently updated feed  will help Google rank your site correctly.

Product Reviews
This is one of the most important ranking factors! The more positive reviews your products have the better. Google takes these reviews in account big time! There are many ways of getting reviews on your products. First would be from your site and then third party sites that Google feeds from.

Some of the third party review sites:


Google Shopping results can be a great tool for your online business. You just need to give rich up to date information.

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