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How to remove a fake or malicious Google review?
March 10th, 2022
Categories: Web Marketing

Google reviews can make or break your businesses credibility. If you have been on the receiving end of a fake Google review, here’s how to delete it!

Google reviews are very important for many local businesses. Unfortunately, over the years we have seen an increase in fake or malicious reviews. Removing these reviews can be a longwinded task, as Google most of the time uses their AI to screen your complaint and gets it wrong a fair amount.

As much as AI is getting better it’s not the same as a human, they just don’t understand sarcasm or any other emotion for that matter. We recently had a client ask us for help removing a fake review – The review was clearly fake and created by a bot. Any human would instantly see that it made no sense. However, Googles AI read it as a legitimate review and instantly refused our complaint.

This happens a lot in our experience – It’s not great practice from Googles end as this can have damaging effect on a business.

How to get a review removed:



  1. Find the review in question on Google my business
  2. Next to the review top right. There are 3 small dots.
  3. Click the “Report Review”
  4. Select the most compelling reason. If its spam, select spam etc.

After you have submitted your report. You will more than likely receive an email refusing your complaint. Within a few minutes. If this happens move to step 2.


  1. Open this page –
  2. Click “Manage your review removal requests”
  3. Login to your Google account that is linked to you Google business page.
  4. Select the business in question from the options. All your business pages should be listed thier if you are logged into the correct profile.
  5. Select the option “Check the status of a review I reported previously”
  6. You will now see the review that Google refusing to take down. Select the “appeal” option and click continue.

After submitting step 2 we have found this seems to get escalated to a human.  Thereafter Google should remove the review if it’s fake.

If all else fails, then constant emailing to Google’s support or you can contact us. And we will look into the matter on your behalf.

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