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Iphone integration with Swyx
December 17th, 2010

Your Iphone can be used as a contact centre, and allow you to get all of your contacts that are in the global address book in the office, while you are on the road. This runs through safari on the Iphone.
User status signalling is performed inter server, even if the web access server is not installed on the same Server or domain as the Swyx server.
Here is some setup required for this to work. You will need a windows server with IIS v5.1 or later, and ASP.NET version 2.X.
Once this is confirmed, download the web access.exe file form Swyx website and run the setup.exe file. This will install the web access, and if no other websites are running from this server, you should use the default setup under the default web pages.
To manually put the page in a specific location, you will need to create the sub folders manually.
Once install is complete, ASP.NET will be running on version 2.x, and this means that all other sites on this server that uses ASP.NET will now be running on this version. There is a quick configuration wizard to run through, and all should be set for you to start using this.
The default location for the site will be

The Iphone user will need to have a username and password set Swyxware, and will use these account details once he has browsed to the location mentioned above.
Once connected the you can use the IPhone to check user status on the Swyx system, and also dial, email users from the web application. This is done by the IPhone dialling the mobile extension manager on your Swyx server, and then connect you to other users on the Swyx system.

This brings Swyx into the complete convergence market and now adds to the current Blackberry and windows mobile support.

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