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Example of Sage Cloud VS Knowall’s Sage Cloud Service
March 26th, 2018
Categories: Sage

Testimonial – Ben Biscoe  – Fairy Glass Ltd

Why Ben Biscoe from Fairy Glass Ltd chooses Knowall’s Sage Cloud service over Sage’s Cloud Option

Regarding Sage, the main issue is that it’s not real time. There is a minimum 5 minute delay when synchronising which means that when our sales manager adds an order in Doncaster we may have to wait to download and pack it here. That’s a big issue for us- we can receive, process and pack an order in five minutes.

Secondly, we’ve some local issues with the system- programs are not working correctly due to software/hardware issues on local machines. I’ve taken two days to try to resolve these issues, but I’ve not managed it, and that’s made it clear to me that I’m going to have to be our IT support, and I don’t have the knowledge, time or inclination to do that!

Lastly, what wasn’t explained properly to me is that the system uses a version of Sage Drive. We used Drive before I came to you, and we had serious data corruption issues. I have no intention of going back to Sage Drive under any circumstances as we lost over £10k in business sorting it out last time.

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