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How to Modify Windows 8 to Work More Like Windows 7 or XP
April 12th, 2013

Modify Windows 8 to work more like Windows 7 or XP

Microsoft’s Windows 8 changed several functions we have become used to and comfortable with. While the operating system works well on a tablet device, those of us stuck with it on an office desktop computer may have been struggling.

The two major changes causing the most concern are the Start Menu, and the Windows 8 ‘Apps’. For many media types such as images, music and movies, Windows 8 will load a new full-screen ‘App’ to run or display them. Windows 8 Apps do not work in the way we are used to with Windows applications, and so for a more comfortable and familiar environment on a PC with a mouse, changing the default applications is essential.

You have now set all music and video files of all formats to use the familiar Windows Media player which is resizable and can be dragged around your desktop – and all image files to load in the standard Windows Photo Viewer. Additionally, the normal non-‘App’ web browser program should be the default for viewing internet links.

This process should have drastically reduced the amount of times Windows 8 tries to load Apps on your PC, what a relief!