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How we helped our client Ecora with Hybrid Collaboration using 365 Teams Rooms & Logitech equipment
March 16th, 2023
Categories: Microsoft 365

Ecora is a leading provider of environmental and engineering consulting services, and they needed a solution that could help their employees collaborate effectively, both in-person and remotely. That’s where 365 Teams Rooms and the Logitech Equipment came in.

Our team installed Logitech Video Conference Equipment in Ecora’s conference rooms, making it easy for their employees to participate in high-quality video conferences from anywhere. With Teams Rooms, employees can now participate in meetings from anywhere, using a single platform for video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaboration. This has made it easier for their teams to work together, regardless of where they’re located.

In addition, Teams Rooms integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 applications, so employees can easily access the files and information they need during a meeting. This has saved time and increased productivity for Ecora.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Teams Rooms and Logitech Video Conference Equipment can help your business with hybrid collaboration, our team of experts is here to help.

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