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BACK Likeyhood of catching a virus.
November 26th, 2010
Categories: Thought of the day

In Consumer Reports’ 2008 State of the Net summary, the odds of contracting a serious computer virus problems are given to be 1 in 7, the yearly costs $2.9 billion. The odds of a serious spyware problem are 1 in 14, with a yearly cost of $3.6 billion. (Note that these figures are for both businesses and consumers.)  (source link from

What can happen when you get a serious virus? all sorts of things such as

Controlling your computer

Reading private information

Capturing passwords

Even looking at you though a webcam

You always here people talk about it but, I think that many people do not actually really understand how serious or dangerous they can be.

Steps need to be taken in order to keep you confidentiality safe.