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Security Tips For Employees To Keep Their Companies Safe
August 24th, 2022
Categories: Security

Employees are generally the first line of defence against cyberattacks. As tech evolves to block hackers from gaining access to business data, so do their techniques, finding new ways to breach systems. Most cyber-attacks start with a single employee.

Here are a few tips for Employees:

Create very strong passwords!

Many hacks happen when a user has a weak password. Hackers will run a script to try thousands of passwords in the hopes are cracking the code. This is also called a brute force attack.

Keep your software updated

Keeping your software updated is not just for looks. There are many times when software updates were rolled out to close security holes. Make sure all your software is up to date!

Enable Dual-Factor Authentication

Having Dual-Factor Authentication gives you an additional layer of security. Even if a weak password is used. Having Dual-Factor Authentication enabled really makes it that much harder for a hacker to gain access.

If it does not look right – Don’t click on it

If an email or link does not look or sound right. Don’t click on it. Not even to see what it could be. Rather contact your IT team (Knowall IT) and they can look into the potential phishing attack.

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