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Top reasons SharePoint intranet portal will benefit your business
September 16th, 2021
Categories: Cloud, Microsoft 365, Tech

Companies often ask us which intranet solutions we suggest? Without a doubt the first option we highly recommend is Microsoft’s SharePoint intranet portal. With its flexibility and 365 integration – Its undoubtedly the market leader in intranet portals, and in this remote age will elevate your office collaboration and data consumption.

Keep staff in the loop
An intranet is a central place where staff can view in-office information and data. Keep your staff in the loop with latest news, birthdays, office events and activities.

Apps and workflow
SharePoint intranet is extremely customisable and has a wide range of 3rd party applications that can be installed to elevate an organisation’s workflow. Need a staff leave planner? No problem install one. Maybe a bot that staff can communicate with? Easy.

Microsoft Teams has possibly taken over the top spot as the flagship collaboration tool. However, when used together with SharePoint can be a very powerful tool as central location for staff to access daily notices and office information. This can increase a company’s productivity and ensure all staff are kept up to date.

Customisable & Scalable
SharePoint has very powerful, scalable capabilities no matter how large your organisation is – From 10 to a 1000 employees SharePoint will handle the load. It’s also extremely customisable with the ability to developer your own themes. But most organisation’s will be very satisfied with the pre-made options.

Out of the box options
A great advantage to SharePoint’s intranet is it has many configured themes and setting. Making setting up a portal easier than ever.

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