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Within the next three years 70% of tech infrastructure will be cloud-based
November 3rd, 2022
Categories: Cloud

The cloud is fast becoming the business norm, with companies using it to achieve dramatic improvements beyond cost and scalability, including greater innovation, faster time-to-market and insights, and greater cybersecurity.

This is according to a recently completed global study on cloud services by The Hackett Group.

Looking at the results of more than 1,000 organizations and analyzing more than 4,000 migrated applications across 15 different categories, the study found that 70% of all technology infrastructure will be cloud-based within two to three years. Typical businesses are seeing a 12% post-migration reduction in technology infrastructure costs. Other significant benefits include:

  • A total of 44% less security and other critical infrastructure incidents
  • A 45% time-to-market reduction for new product features and functionality
  • A 36% increase in developer time for innovation
  • A 53% reduction in the time to get useful information from data
  • And an average 52% reduction in downtime

The best performance in the study recorded even more dramatic benefits, including a 37% reduction of the technological infrastructure costs (more than 3 times more than the typical companies obtained) and an average of 15 higher percentage points in almost a dozen objectives target in the studio.

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