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Computer feeling a bit slow? Few tips to speeding your PC up
October 26th, 2021

There are several factors as to why your computer might be feeling slow. We’ll explain a few reasons why. And how you could speed things up.

  1. Not enough RAM – You might be asking “What is RAM?”. Well RAM (Computer random access memory) is where your computer temporally stores information for applications and tasks it currently working on. If you are a busy user that does loads of muti-tasking throughout the day, you will more than likely have many apps open. Every time you open an app you will be using some of your RAM storage up. If you start to cap your RAM then your PC’s performance will slow down. Software such as Google Chrome and Teams is extremely RAM hungry. Bumping up your PC’s RAM could be a massive help in upgrading performance.
  2. SSD Hard drive – If your PC is a few years old you could still have a traditional Hard Dive (HDD). Simply upgrading your PC to a new SSD drive could increase your PC’s performance massively. Reason why is SSDs are fast, very fast – SSD means “Solid state drive” so there are no moving parts. Traditional Hard Dives have moving parts and take a few seconds to start up where a SSD is instant.Ask us to check if you are using an old HDD and will can arrange to upgrade to SSD for you. The extra performance will be worth it.
  3. Too many apps open – Another simple way to speed your PC up is to simply close apps that you are not using. As mentioned before Chrome is a very hungry app. Having to many tabs open for example will slow your PC down. Close any apps that don’t need to be open.
  4. Software updates – Keeping your PC’s software up to date is very important to it’s health. Neglecting to update software could have negative effects such as security updates etc. And in turn the speed. Its always best to ensure your PC’s software is always up to date.

There are many more factors as to why your PC could be slowing down. Over time PC’s ideally need to be full replaced as our requirements become more and more demanding, the best route is sometimes just to fully replace your PC.

If you have any concerns about the speed of you PC please contact us to do a health check and advise on any upgrade recommendations.

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