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Summary of memorable things you can do when Technology works
February 5th, 2015

So gents…

I am on a high-speed train from Leipzig to Frankfurt, sitting at the restaurant (Italians travel with style).  I am connected to the German telecom hotspot and I have VPNed in.

Claudio lost/cant’ find his questionnaire form .  No problem, I remote into the server, attach the form to an email to him.. Et voila, job done

I am also speaking with Greg, based in Manila, before he goes to bed (since is 8 hours ahead). We want to wrap up this week’s work and plan next week’s work ahead.  I am using Swyx and I can also pick up or forward calls coming through to the BIBA main office number.  I spoke with my colleague sitting next to me (in the office) and printing a document for her.  Look back please, yes right there, it’s coming out from the printer now.

What’s that?  Duplication of files?  Please.  4 of us working at the same time on the same document as we speak.

We are definitely on the right track!

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