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There are many benefits to enabling flexible home working
July 14th, 2015
Categories: Cloud, Swyx Telephony, VOIP

There are many benefits to enabling flexible home working, but one of the biggest challenges in doing so is getting the user connected to the phone system and ensuring staff stay connected with each other.

Services such as Lync strive to provide this service, but fall short by not providing VoIP or other major features you might find in a full Unified Communication platform such as Swyx.

Thanks to Swyx Remote Connector you can take your phone system home with you. Simply log on to the Swyx client from any device with any internet connection and you’ll be connected to the company phone system – releasing all of the benefits of unified communication; VoIP, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Rich Presence and collaboration.

This provides you with a cost effective mobile work force that are always connected and gives you the best possible productivity from staff.

We received a recent reminder of one of the many benefits during the recent tube strike.

“We were very impressed during the London tube strikes as users who were unable to make it into the office were able to connect from home and get on with work as normal. Via Rich Presence built into Swyx we were able to see who was online and working and chat as if they were in the office. No work or productivity was lost”

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