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Five interesting facts about Computers
March 17th, 2022
Categories: Computer Facts

Over the years computers have shaped the world. And have advanced at rapid speeds.

Here are five facts about computers that you might not know:

1# The first computer was huge!

The first modern computers were electronic calculating machines. And were created during the second World War.

Each machine was so large it would take up a whole room.

2# About 90% of the World’s Currency is digital

Interestingly about 90% of the World’s currency exists on Computers. This means only about 10% of the global currency is actual cash.

3# The first Computer mouse was made of wood

The first mouse was created by Doug Engelbart in 1964 and was made of wood.

4# The most expensive computer virus in history was called “MyDoom”

“MyDoom” was the most expensive virus recored. It caused an estimated $38.5 Billion in damages. It spread so fast it also became the fastest spreading virus.

5# The first GB drive cost £30,000

The first Gigabyte drive cost a whopping £30,000.



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