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Latest Post - Shared Mailbox Security: A Deep Dive into Microsoft 365 Defender’s Crucial Role

In the digital era, email serves as the backbone of communication for businesses across the United Kingdom. Shared mailboxes have become indispensable tools for teams and departments to collaborate effectively. However, with the convenience they offer comes the great responsibility of ensuring their security. Microsoft 365 Defender is a robust solution that provides essential protection for shared mailboxes, making it a must-have for organisations looking to safeguard their sensitive information. The Challenge of Shared Mailboxes Shared mailboxes are utilised to collectively manage and organise emails within a group, commonly for customer support, project management, and team coll...
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Popular tech while Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne
September 15th, 2022
Categories: Computer Facts
Queen Elizabeth II was the oldest and longest-reigning monarch in British history. And has seen many new technologies come and go. Here are a few technologies that were invented and become pop...
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Five interesting facts about Computers
March 17th, 2022
Categories: Computer Facts
Over the years computers have shaped the world. And have advanced at rapid speeds. Here are five facts about computers that you might not know: 1# The first computer was huge!...
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