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Latest Post - Guarding Your Digital Castle: Easy Steps to Secure Your WordPress Kingdom

In the vast kingdom of the internet, your WordPress website is like a digital castle. Just as you'd fortify your castle against potential invaders, it's crucial to secure your website against online threats. In this blog, we'll explore simple and user-friendly steps to ensure your WordPress fortress stands strong against cyber threats. 1. "Building Strong Walls: The Basics of Password Protection" Your castle's first line of defense is a robust password. Imagine a drawbridge that only opens for those with the secret code. Similarly, your WordPress login requires a strong, unique password to keep intruders at bay. We'll explore the art of creating secure passwords and the importance...
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What’s the difference between FTTC, ADSL AND FTTP?
November 14th, 2022
Categories: Broadband
The two main alternatives to FTTC broadband are ADSL and FTTP. Below, we compare FTTC with both to help you understand the differences and which option might be best for your business.
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What is a Mesh WiFi? And do I need it?
October 12th, 2021
What is a Mesh WiFi system? Mesh WiFi systems are made up of a group of wireless devices that work together to spread your WiFi network across your office or home reducing any dead zones/spots...
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Will The 2012 Olympics Effect Our Broadband?
January 6th, 2012
Categories: Broadband
London is expecting millions of visitors during the period of the 2012 Olympic Games and that could potentially put an awful amount of strain on our UK networks. This could cause serious congestion r...
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BT Power Failure And Why You Should Have A Failover Line
October 4th, 2011
Categories: Broadband
A power failure yesterday at one of BT’s major exchanges was causing huge ADSL issues all over the UK for the most part of the day. As we all know, businesses rely on the internet, without the inter...
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