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How to Setup call intrusion / Call Monitoring on Swyx
April 12th, 2013
Categories: Swyx Telephony

How to Setup call intrusion / Call Monitoring for Swyx

(You must have SwyxMonitor Licences for this to work)

  • On the SywxWare Server, right-click on the user that you want to monitor. Go to Properties, Administration, and then select Call Intrusion.
  • Enter the extension numbers of the users you want to give call intrusion privilege to so they can monitor this users calls.

How to use call Intrusion from SywxIt:

  • Once logged in as a supervisor, in this case User 888 or 869, you can dial the following to monitor the call:

“Extenstion*24*1#” :  Listening only. For example: 860*24*1#

“Extenstion*24*2#” : Listen to both sides, speak with user. For example: 860*24*2#

“Extenstion*24*3#” : Listen to both sides, speak with both sides. For example: 860*24*3#

For ease of use, you can setup speed dials for each user that you have setup monitoring, as shown below.

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