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Tips for protecting your business against phishing scams – PART 3
January 2nd, 2020

This weeks post is a continuation of previous weeks Phishing tips and tricks.

See last weeks post

Did you know Phishing currently accounts for 90% of data breaches with 30% of Phishing emails being opened? Most of the time these phishing scams can be prevented with a bit of simple know-how.

It’s important that you remain alert, vigilant and secure at all times. To prevent personal and business data loss.

Below are a few hand tips from our weekly phishing blog.

Tip 7 – Avoid public Wi-Fi Networks

Try not logging onto online banking or secure sites while using a public Wi-Fi network. Such as coffee shops etc. Public networks are great for convenience, but are not always secure and are a hotspot for hackers. It’s best to use a mobile network.

Tip 8 – Protect your accounts by using multi-factor authentication

Many apps allow dual factor authentication. Such as Google and banking sites. Its best to enable these options if they are available as it makes its much hard for hackers to gain access to your account as you will need to validate your login with a secondary channel. Such as finger print or OTP.

Knowall IT offer fully managed Multi Factor Authentication solutions to safeguard you and ensure no one can access any of your systems without authorisation

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