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How to change or add voice messages in Swyx Call Routing Manager
March 23rd, 2011
Categories: Swyx Telephony

How to change or add voice or voicemail message within Swyx Call Routing Manager

Make the recording and save it as a unique file name.
Log on to swyx server and click on the start button and then file explorer in the start menu.
This will open IpPbx File Explorer. It looks like this:

Now click on connect in the top left hand side and click on OK. This will log onto the local server and display all the files in the Database.
You will now need to do 2 things. Export the file that you recorded out of user mode, and then import it back in system announcements.
To do this, in the user fields select the drop down menu and select the user that made the recording.
This will show all the files that that user has in the DB. Here is a shot of yours.

Now select the file you would like to use as the voice message and click in the far most left column so that the whole line is highlighted like in the screen shot, and then click on Download in the toolbar at the top.
Select a location for the file and save it down.
Now we need to import the file back but as a system announcement.
In the top tool bar click on the upload button, and select the file to upload by clicking on select, and browsing to the file.
Fill the rest is as in the screen shot. Scope, global, and Category, Announcements.

Now that the file is uploaded please follow the steps below.
Now open Swyxware administration.
Now click on Users in the left hand side pane.
Double click Global Call Script
Here you will see properties and now click on Call Routing Manager
You will see the following screen.

Highlight Inoapps call Routing and click on Modify
This will open the GSE.
Basically this is a flow chart for a call.
Double click on Routing DTMF, and then on the parameters tab on top.
You will now see the announcement that is selected. Use the drop down menu to select the new announcement that you have imported into the system announcements.
Click ok, and then in the top tool bar please click on the save icon before exiting the GSE.

If you require assistance with such or similar issues, please contact our IT Support department, who will happy to advise on an Ad-Hoc IT Support basis

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