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What is a remote desktop? And how can it benefit your business?
August 24th, 2021

Our world is ever changing, and in the past couple years many companies have been forced to move their businesses onto the cloud and allow staff to connect remotely.

Today we going to explain (In layman’s terms) what a remote desktop is and how it can help your staff and business.

Remote desktops are cloud-based computers that host all your software and files in the cloud. In the past, staff office-based computers would traditionally have software installed directly on each machine. The issue with this is access to the software is now limited to this machine on site.

When you create a remote desktop cloud environment, you install and host all your office software and machines in the cloud. This means a staff members desktop is cloud based and accessible from anywhere, anytime not matter what device they are on.

Few benefits to a remote desktop:

  • No device compatibility issues – All software is hosted on a remote machine. This means even old software that’s critical to your business will work on all devices.
  • Data security– All staff data is now hosted in the cloud. No more having to worry about a staff members laptop or machine getting damaged/stolen and data being lost.
  • Personal and business separation– Since the remote desktop is separate to the user’s physical machine. There is no worrying about mixing personal and business software and files. As there is a distinct separation between both.
  • Easy data access– Office software and files are easily accessed (as if they are in the office). From any device, anytime.


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