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Why does my site need an SSL certificate?
August 20th, 2021

You might be thinking – Why does my site need an SSL certificate? What does it do?

No matter how simple your site is, if you don’t have an SSL certificate associated to it – your site is a liability.

There are many reasons why your site should have an SSL certificate. A SSL certificate gives users confidence that they are accessing the correct trusted (verified) site and are not viewing a site thats been tampered with.

A very simple example of how an SSL certificate works:

If a user tries to access your website from a coffee shops WIFI. Their request will be send though a number of networks and 3rd parties e.g. coffee shops network > then the IPS’s network.

During their browsing journey, data is sent back and forth and their requests could be intercepted, and all their data could be exposed. Even worse the user could be redirected to a fake version of your site unbeknown to them and yourself. At this point the user is now vulnerable to a number of malicious attacks, such as their data being breached and/or malicious code injection.

Without having an SSL certificate installed on your site. Users will never know if its has been tampered with.

There are many reasons to have an SSL certificate installed on your site (Site credibility, Google ranking, encrypted data transfer…), even if your site is very simple. It’s best to have your site run via an  SSL certificate.

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