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Secure the Home Office
September 25th, 2020

Keep your devices up to date

Updating and installing the latest patches remains the most important thing you can do to protect a device, whether it is your organisations or your own. You should always avoid using devices that can no longer be updated, as they will be at a higher risk of attack – for example, Windows 7 PCs as of January 14 2020.

Secure your accounts with strong passwords

Physical devices are not your only concern. If a hacker tries to access any sensitive accounts, you want to make it as difficult as possible for them. Use a hard to guess password such as three random words. Ensure you are using a different password for each login you have.

Using a password manager is a great way to help you maintain your passwords and ensure you are only using strong passwords, like those with special characters, numbers, upper and lowercase letters which are harder to remember.

Invest in Web Security & URL Filtering 

Many threats originate from the web, so implementing an industry standard Web Security & URL Filtering solution such as the one offered by ForcePoint is a crucial way to safeguard yourself while browsing the internet. ForcePoint analyses up to 5 billion incidents every day producing updated threat analytics at up to 3.2 updates per second, which protects you from malicious websites and links to stop malware from ever reaching your PC.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication wherever possible

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security tool that verifies a users identity by requiring 2 or more layers of authentication before granting the user access.

MFA is an effective way to provide enhanced security in a world where passwords are increasingly easy to compromise by cyber criminals using methods such as brute force or phishing.

We recommend MFA is enabled across all your logins

Invest in Next-Gen Ant-Virus Software

Traditional anti-virus solutions that work off a virus database are no longer up to the challenge of protecting your devices from the modern day cyber attack. Invest in a Next-Gen AV solution such as VMWare Carbon Black, which provides industry-leading detection and response capabilities that reveal threat activity in real time by analysing endpoint data to uncover malicious behaviour.

Secure your WiFi network

It is important to secure your home WiFi network with a strong password. Third parties might be able to intercept and access sensitive data or passwords. There is also the risk that others who you live with at home (who use the same internet connection) may see sensitive company data.

Watch out for email scams / phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are the most common way for users to get their credentials compromised. It is advised that companies carry out regular training with staff on how to avoid phishing attacks. We also have a 3-part blog to advise on the best techniques to spot a phishing attack.

Use a centralised company-approved cloud storage solution

Adhering to company policies also includes using only the designated programs that your employer wants you to use. This becomes especially important when you’re saving and backing up files. You should store all your work data in a secure location that’s both approved by and accessible to your company, like a centralised cloud-based storage solution.

Do not save your data on your desktop or in any other application not approved by your employer.

Don’t allow family members to use your work devices

If you have work issued devices you are using at home, do not allow anyone else other than yourself access to them. If you are using a personal device, always keep your work information separate from your family’s by creating a separate account on your personal desktop or laptop. This will help to avoid any accidental access, or loss of sensitive information by family members.

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