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The Benefits of SIP Trunking
February 4th, 2014
Categories: Swyx Telephony, VOIP

The Benefits of SIP Trunking

Research from Infonetics shows us that more and more businesses are realising the true benefits of SIP Trunking – with figures suggesting that by 2015, 58% of businesses will have adopted SIP Trunking.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks provide an alternative method of connecting a business telephone system (PBX) to the public telephone network (PSTN). SIP uses a data connection to connect to the SIP service provider, instead of using legacy ISDN technology

What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility
    SIP Trunks offer you a huge amount of flexibility – your numbers are no longer tied down to physical ISDN / PSTN lines or your local BT Exchange. With SIP Trunks, you are able to move office and keep the same geographic numbers. You are also able to implement geographic numbers from anywhere around the world.
  • Business Continuity
    Due to the flexibility of SIP Trunks, business continuity becomes extremely easy. As long as you have a data connection, you’ll be able to log into your SIP trunks from any PBX in any location. We often replicate clients’ PBXs to our data centre so that in the case their office goes down – staff will still be able to use the phone system using an alternative data connection from home or branch offices.
  • Line Rationalisation
    For businesses with multiple sites, SIP Trunking provides ISDN line rationalisation options and reduces the number of PBXs you need to maintain – with the ability to centrally manage your company numbers.
  • Save Money
    SIP Trunks offer massive savings on call rates (Starting from as low as 0.7p per minute), with free internal calls between extensions and offices (including international calls) and lower line rental costs for multi sites. Also, no expensive call-forwarding costs are required should you relocate or need to divert calls in the event of a disaster.
  • Resilience
    A phone service that will cope with any situation and give you 100% up time on your telephony. Whether you need to keep your business running without expensive call forwarding costs in a disaster or emergency or you need to load balance your calls between sites during peak hours, SIP Trunking delivers.
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