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The new Whatsapp hacking scam – And how to protect your account
May 19th, 2021

In the last few years the the Facebook-owned messaging platform Whatsapp has been in the media for security issues. However there is a new WhatsApp hack doing the rounds. And its stupidly simple to execute and just as easy to prevent.

With the new hack, the hacker can gain full access to your account and all your chats. And there is very little you can do once they gain control.

The hack itself is really based on user error. A hacker will simply register a Whatsapp account with your contact details. This in turn trigger a verification pin to be sent to your phone. Seconds after that the hacker will message you saying something along the lines of “Hey sorry, I sent you my verification pin by mistake. Please could you forward it back to me.” – With the slightest laps of judgement you sent the verification message back to them. They then login to your account and take full control. You might be thinking this will never happen to me. However if one of your friends gets hacked and the hacker messages from their account, you could very easily for fall for the scam.

How to secure your Whatsapp account 

Securing your account is very simple. All it requires is you to enable the 2 step verification pin in the Whatsapp settings. This adds an additional layer of protection. Even if you happen to get caught with this scam, the hacker can’t verify your account without the 2nd pin.

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